Wow, I’m not telling you anything new: 2020 has been … different. I managed to get out just enough to do another calendar. But I have to change the way I do things this year.

* Because of social distancing, I will do all distribution by mail.

* Pricing remains $25 per calendar. That includes shipping, but it costs more than $5 to mail, so if you are able to add more to help defray that cost, it would be appreciated!

* Deadline for order is November 30 or whenever inventory is depleted. There will be far fewer available.

The proceeds help defray the costs of running The Trail Posse (eg., website). Otherwise, making calendars is not a business for me.

The images in the 2021 calendar are below. Clicking on an image launches a larger-sized viewer.

PayPal or Venmo, or if your bank account has a bill or “friend” pay, are the best ways to do this; my account is my email address: gnbuzz @ (without the spaces, of course). Please include the address to which you want the calendar(s) shipped.

For those unfamiliar with PayPal, here is a step-by-step description of the process:

* After you log onto PayPal, there is a link at the top left (third from the left) of the site called “Send & Request”. Click it.

* A secondary line of links will appear. Click “Send”.

* My account is:

* After filling in, click “Next”

* Enter dollar amount and where it says “Note,” include your address(es). Click “Continue”.

* If you know and trust me, please click the “Personal” box; otherwise, I will be charged a fee.

If you want to pay another way, email me, but understand that this may add time to when you will receive your calendar.