Making calendars is not a business for me. I started a few years ago because some friends asked me to. I make them the way I like them – with nice paper so the images pop and I can actually write on them.

This year, I ordered one print run, so I will sell these until I run out. The cost remains $25, or $30 if you need them mailed. The proceeds help defray the costs of running The Trail Posse (eg., website).

The images in the 2020 calendar are below. Clicking on an image launches a larger-sized viewer.

I learned that the calendars cost a lot to send – I get sturdy containers to protect them and the postage is ridiculous – so I need to charge $5 more for shipping. You can avoid the shipping charge if you can meet me for delivery at least as close to me as Columbia City in Seattle. So … $25 apiece if you are collecting them in person; $30 apiece if you need them mailed (if you buy two or more, I can figure out a cheaper way to send, so contact me first).

PayPal or Venmo, or if your bank account has a bill or “friend” pay, are the best ways to do this; my account is my email address: gnbuzz @ (without the spaces, of course). Please include the address to which you want the calendar(s) shipped. Again, that’s $25 each, if shipped.

To use PayPal, you don’t need an account. Just go to PayPal, click on “Send” at the top of the page and follow instructions. If you know me, please send to “friends and family”; the other way deducts a fee

If you want to pay another way, email me, but understand that this may add time to when you will receive your calendar.