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18 Sep 2021
Climate Change

Arts, Race & Climate Change 

This essay introduced Spectrum Dance Theater’s Race & Climate Change Festival No stranger to human-concocted environmental calamity, the South Park neighborhood in Seattle has been assaulted by pollution from land, air and sea. It sits astride a superfund site, and life expectancy there is 13…


Bison Under Attack in Montana 

A group of Montana tribes and conservation groups are urging Montana Governor Greg Gianforte to veto a pair of state bills that they say will undermine reintroduction efforts of wild bison to Montana. The bills, HB 318 and HB 302, would restrict the bison’s status…

Gallery, Wildlife

The Great Blue Heron 

I see Great Blue Herons just about anywhere and any time I go to photograph nature. They are sometimes so abundant, they’re easy to overlook. But I don’t. I find them fascinating. And I’m not alone: In Seattle, where I live, they are the city’s…