I’ve always wanted to create a wildlife calendar. Last year’s came close, with half of the images, plus the cover. This year fulfills the dream, mostly meaning that I was out among winged and furry beings enough.

My friend, Paul Bannick, really is the inspiration for this. When I was looking to improve my photography, he got me hooked on birds and taught me essential lessons about noticing patterns and being deliberate about setting up shots, not to mention being a stickler about ethics. We even were together (see photo) for one of the images in this year’s calendar, the one of the long-eared owl on takeoff.

But, alas, I did a calendar, and all Paul did was publish a sensational book, “Owl,” that has won awards and should be on your holiday gift list.

Making calendars is not a business for me. I started a few years ago because some friends asked me to. I make them the way I like them – with nice paper so the images pop and I can actually write on them. Also I just changed printers to Printing Center USA, and my work not only looks better than ever, the calendars are bound and look like you bought them at a (high-end) store.

I just figured out how to lower my price to $25 each. I learned that the calendars cost a lot to send – I get sturdy containers to protect them and the postage is ridiculous – so I need to charge $5 more for shipping. You can avoid the shipping charge if you can meet me for delivery at least as close to me as Columbia City in Seattle. So … $25 apiece if you are collecting them in person; $30 apiece if you need them mailed.

Deadline for orders is December 8. I will order the calendars on that day, so they can get into your hands by the holidays.

PayPal is the best way to do this; my account is my email address: gnbuzz @ comcast.net (without the spaces, of course). Please include the address to which you want the calendar(s) shipped. That’s $35 each, if shipped. To do this, you don’t need an account, just go to PayPal, click on “Send” at the top of the page and follow instructions. If you know me, please send to “friends and family”; the other way deducts a fee.

If you want to pay another way, email me, but understand that this will add time to when you will receive your calendar.

To print your own calendars at the printers I use: Click Here.

To print your own professional-looking booklets: Click Here.

Clicking on a thumbnail photo below will generate a larger gallery of all the images that will be included.