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13 Apr 2024
Gallery, National Parks

National Parks Wildlife 

Throughout the years, my biggest thrills in national parks came when I spotted and photographed wildlife, from the tiny Pika to the big Grizzly. The gallery below represents some of my best. Admittedly, our feathered species get short-shrifted here, but are abundantly represented throughout the...
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Nature Calls for 2018 

I’ve always wanted to create a wildlife calendar. Last year’s came close, with half of the images, plus the cover. This year fulfills the dream, mostly meaning that I was out among winged and furry beings enough. My friend, Paul Bannick, really is the inspiration...
Grand Teton, Hikes

Cascade Canyon (WY) 

The Cascade Canyon Download Highlights: Diversity of landscapes, those incredible Teton peaks, abundant wildlife. Travel Time (from Urban Centers to Park/Trailhead): From 30-45 minutes from Jackson, Wy. Nearby Supplies and Gas: Moose (13 miles south, by south entrance). Difficulty: There is some climbing, but it’s...
Hikes, Rocky Mountain

Alberta Falls (CO) 

The hike is not overly taxing, and delivers on wildlife and scenery, not to mention the payoff waterfalls. The drive along Bear Lake Road, also scenic and host to abundant wildlife, is a large part of the experience. The Alberta Falls Download Highlights: Forested, including...