Sunshine in Bozeman.
Pink orange mornings.
Stars and howls at night.
Lamar Buffalo Ranch: The American Serengeti across the street.
Heated floors in the bath house! Collegiality in the bunk house.
Meg in charge. Jessica at the wheel.
All is good.
Frosty bison and yipping coyotes.
Rams on the hillside. Moose in the willow.
Elk on the ridge. Wolves out of reach.
Check for otters.
Check your settings.
Check all assumptions.
Trudge after a coyote. Snowshoe after a fox.
Wait for the badger. Wait for the badger.
Bison by the cabins.
A week of winter photography.
With Yellowstone Forever.
It all seems like a dream.
From which I didn’t want to wake.

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