I admit it: In an effort to make myself (and you all) feel better during an ongoing pandemic, I really went for the cuteness factor in my nature photography this year. You’ll see it reflected in my 2022 Nature Calls calendar, which includes six wildlife babies, two love birds and numerous tiny, furry or featured creatures.

The calendar also pays homage to the 150th anniversary of the world’s first national park, Yellowstone, with five images.

Because of rising costs, I’ve already had the calendars printed and have only a limited number available.

As usual, the calendar include full-color images, printed on nice, glossy paper, with special days noted throughout the year, including many you might not have known about.

* Because of social distancing, I will do all distribution by mail.

* Pricing is $25, plus $5 for shipping.

The proceeds help defray the costs of running The Trail Posse (eg., website).

PayPal or Venmo, or if your bank account has a bill or “friend” pay, are the best ways to do this; my account is my email address: gnbuzz @ comcast.net (without the spaces, of course). Please include the address to which you want the calendar(s) shipped.

For those unfamiliar with PayPal, here is a step-by-step description of the process:

* After you log onto PayPal, there is a link at the top left (third from the left) of the site called “Send & Request”. Click it.

* A secondary line of links will appear. Click “Send”.

* My account is: gnbuzz@comcast.net

* After filling in, click “Next”

* Enter dollar amount and where it says “Note,” include your address(es). Click “Continue”.

* If you know and trust me, please click the “Personal” box; otherwise, I will be charged a fee.

If you want to pay another way, email me, but understand that this may add time to when you will receive your calendar.

All the included images are below; click on an image to launch a full-sized viewer.