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29 Nov 2023
Film, Viewpoint

Review: Jumbo Wild 

Many “battle over” documentaries are so cacophonous and confusing, their points get lost in the covered ears and closed eyes they produce. “Jumbo Wild” is one that keeps you glued to its gorgeous imagery and listening to its overwhelming serenity. Filmmaker Nick Waggoner layers its…

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Pikas in Peril 

Above: A pika sounds the alarm near Lake Ann in the North Cascades (photo by Glenn Nelson) The bottom line for promoting diversity and inclusion in the outdoors is imbuing the impending nonwhite majority in the U.S. with a sense of stewardship about our planet….


Urgency of Inclusion 

Above photo courtesy Joy Trip Project This is a Trail Posse/African American Nature & Parks Experience Joint by Teresa Baker and Glenn Nelson Can we please get a quarter for every time the head of an outdoors organization says, “Diversity is our top priority,” every…