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14 Jun 2024

Lost in the Fires 

I am haunted by a scene from about a week ago of young U.S. Forest Service firefighters taking a break at The Mazama Store, which I consider the best “hang” in the Methow Valley, just across the Cascades in central Washington state. They were such...

More History Preserved 

One of the oldest, largest and best preserved bison cliff jump locations in North America and one of the earliest planned and most fully-realized urban renewal projects of the mid-twentieth century are two of four sites designated today as national historic landmarks. First Peoples Buffalo...

Washington II Washington 

Please consider supporting the Washington II Washington outing, described below. The journey some 32 kids will be taking from inner-city Washington, D.C., Detroit and New Orleans to the outdoors for a sixth straight year started on a basketball court. It’s no surprise to Davy Rothbart....