This is a great hike for any time of the year for the views of Mount Rainier, but you must try it during wildflower season.

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Highlights: A must for wildflower season.

Travel Time (from Urban Centers to Park/Trailhead): Almost two hours from Seattle, about 1 ½ hours from Tacoma, 3 hours from Portland.

Nearby Supplies and Gas: Enumclaw and Buckley.

Stop Along the Way: Wapiti Woolies in Greenwater, Wash., for coffee, huckleberry ice cream, gifts.

Difficulty: Virtually care-free, leaving plenty of energy to behold all the beauty and explore.

Distance: 3.5 miles (loop).

Entrance Fees: None, but if you park in the state lot, you’ll need a Discovery Pass.

Top Elevation: 5,845 feet.

Elevation Gain: 500 feet.

Trailhead Waypoint: 46.8674, -121.5176

Maps: Green Trails Mount Rainier East No. 270.

Getting There: From Enumclaw, drive about 44 miles south on WA-410 to Chinook Pass. Park in the lot for Tipsoo Lake.

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Let’s resolve one small issue right off the bat: You will do this hike clockwise. Trust me. I accidently did it counter-clockwise and, though it still was pleasant, I totally missed the killer views of Mount Rainier you get going the other way.

Another issue to resolve: You will do this hike during wildflower season. It’s one of the most spectacular places to view wildflowers at Mount Rainier.

Make things easy on yourself and park at the Tipsoo Lake lot. Jump out and either circle Tipsoo or head right up the somewhat steep incline, across the highway and onto the Pacific Crest Trail. Yes, you can bring your canine buddy – but only until you get to the border of Mount Rainier National Park. The PCT side is rolling meadows, valley views and eventually a good-sized tarn.

When you reach Dewey Lake and the viewpoint there, get ready for the real “wow” effect. This also is a popular lunching area.

The alpine meadows, bursting with color during wildflower season, stretch into killer views of Mount Rainier. Early or late in the day, you likely can get Rainier reflections in one of the two smaller tarns. Continue on and, at the road, make sure you stop and take a gander at the small tarn there, too, then catch Tipsoo Lake, again or for the first time.

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