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13 Apr 2024
We invite everyone to use our content. The Trail Posse is set up to generate, aggregate and distribute content to achieve the broadest reach for what we believe is a critical message: We need to start building a relationship between people of color and the outdoors so that, when a nonwhite majority materializes in the U.S. within the next 2-3 decades, it will be poised to continue saving and preserving the planet and its creatures.

A vast majority of the content here is free to use; just please contact us first. Also, if you are an organization of means, we’d appreciate a contribution. It will help defray the cost of production and web hosting. Please keep in mind that the photographs in particular were costly to produce.

It is not necessary to ask permission to share our content. In fact, we are grateful to you for doing so.

We only ask that you link (or hyperlink if online) back to If you require a bio line, please let us know.

A small percentage of our content has limited non-compete periods, which is one reason why we need to be contacted before used.

Thanks for helping spread the message!