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23 Feb 2024

More History Preserved 

One of the oldest, largest and best preserved bison cliff jump locations in North America and one of the earliest planned and most fully-realized urban renewal projects of the mid-twentieth century are two of four sites designated today as national historic landmarks. First Peoples Buffalo…

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The Muir Discussion 

Above Photo: The Tunnel View overlook of Yosemite Valley (by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr Creative Commons) This video, by The Muir Project, highlights the messages and basis of the Muir Campfire Discussion on Diversity, Inclusion and Relevancy, held at the Yellow Campgrounds of Yosemite National…

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Civil Rights Courthouses 

Three courthouses in the South that helped galvanize the civil rights movement after Brown v Board of Education began the dismantling of the Jim Crow era were designated as national historic landmarks this week. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals courthouses join more than 2,500…